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Terrible Beauty


The 1916 Rebellion in London. Death and rebirth. Love and loathing. Independence and Empire; this tour has it all. After Dublin, London was the city most connected to the Easter Rising. Not just as the seat of government from which the rebels fought to break free but through the deep connections many of them held with this city.This lively tour will turn the walk from Trafalgar Square to Whitehall into an amazing journey through the vortex of change released by the rebellion. This is the London side of the 1916 story.

Turn up on the day and relive the excitement of those times


Meet at 2pm on the South side of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

Dates to follow

£10 pp


  To book contact Tony McDonnell:tonymcdonnellbbg@hotmail.com


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For more details email Tony McDonnell: tonymcdonnellbbg@hotmail.com